Welcome to Ewing Farm Preservation

welcome to alvey horizontalWelcome to the Ewing Farm Preservation. We are people who practice farm preservation each in our own right. This project is in my family’s DNA and has been a dream of mine for over 20 years. I have gathered together special people to help me in a Farm Preservation Consulting business that will measure its success not by the number of clients or dollars generated but rather by the experience of the people whose farms are preserved with our help. I retired from my law practice to start this consulting business with professional, experienced advisers, who have broad problem-solving skills to help you formulate realistic, workable, and reliable plans to preserve your farm.




We are committed to be independent and instrumental in helping you preserve your farm with a sensible and personalized approach.


We convert your goals and dreams into a sustainable plan and coordinate it’s implementation with you and your advisers.


We add value by bringing to the team unique farm knowledge and experience as the developer, coordinator, and facilitator of your plan.

We Have Over 200 Years of Farm Preservation Experience

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EFP is a cooperative effort by committed individuals who believe in farm preservation and feel that they have unique knowledge and experience that will be valuable in your efforts. Click any of the above images for more information.


 How is Ewing Different? – Our Farm History

Our Team